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Plus Six leaves JTurn craving a Morgan fix

Until recently though, even the maturity that had blessed me with an appreciation of needlessly expensive coffee and beer, smelly cheese and Massachusetts-based alternative rock music wasn't enough for me to get Morgans. The lazy summary of the Morgan Motor Company has always been that they build wooden cars, some with 3 wheels, and haven't really updated the design for the last 80 years.

One out on its own this installment, in more ways than one

If you thought an Elise was compromised, you really haven't seen anything yet. The Land Rover Defender is the greatest terrible car you will ever encounter and proof that charisma and satisfaction can often have no objective measure.

and your Diesel will look after you (and everyone else)

Following a 1990s diesel 4x4 recently, it didn't take a keen diagnostic eye to spot day turn to night every time the driver went onto the throttle. It would take a seriously oblivious driver not to notice an obvious fault in the enormous clouds of diesel particulate following them around.

Second installment of "before you die" list

A distinct sports car flavour to Part 2 and not an MR2 in sight. 3 mentioned by name but really any car that measures up to the sports car values of 2 seats, rear wheel drive and accessible fun is worth your time.

Shameless "cars to drive" list, but hopefully not as you know it

JTurn's mantra has always revolved heavily around public-spiritedness and accessibility. To that end, I have compiled a much shorter list of more attainable lifetime motoring goals - refusing to be a slave to base-ten conventions, the list numbers just 7.

JTurn's dismay of 2013 revisited, but now it has spawned its own magazine

In 2016 - and as a direct result of New Labour's loose grip on the nation's purse strings, if you listen to the Tories at least, interest rates have been on their arse for the last 8 years. From that turn of phrase, it's clear that I'm no economist but even I understand that means there's been little reward for leaving your money sitting in a bank for some time now.

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